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How it started...
The club was started by me, Gert Höglund, in March 2007.
I started it because nowhere on our
planet, there was a club for Chevrolet 1958-1960.
Unbelievable but true.
These aircraft-inspired cult
cars with fins and rocket exhausts, made in the late 50’s and early 60's - all in the spirit of space
There were clubs for older Chevrolets from 1949-54, and 1955-57, but after that - nothing.
My problem was that when I wanted to get an insurance policy via MHRF (the Swedish national
organization for Classic cars) it turned out to be impossible if you did not belong to a registered
Classic car club.
Now we have this club, the only one in the world for these cult cars with wings.
goal was to gather at least 10 cars.
The first year the club grew to over 150 members - now we're
over 400 and growing all the time.
The club is now registered with MHRF and we can offer insurance policies for our members. We also
have our own trained insurance inspectors.
2007 our club was elected the best newcomer among branded clubs at Power Big Meet.
In 2009 we organized our first own event, Classic Wing Meet in Gullspång. It was much appreciated and will be annually recurring.
We will not have any internal car shows, those who want to win prizes with their cars can enter shows outside the club.
We welcome
everybody who drives Chevys from 1958-1960 - it doesn’t matter what your car looks like.
Please read further on this web site or write to to get all the information you need about us.
Gert Höglund, President
Classic Chevrolet Wingclub    Charlottenberg 502, S-193 41 Sigtuna, Sweden. Tel: +46-70 538 22 01    e-mail: 
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